New Ten Hundred Mural in Kansas City for "Solanoir" mural fest

I had the pleasure of visiting Kansas City over the last week and painting this massive mural for the Solanoir Mural Festival. The festival coincided with the great American eclipse and I was painting as the sun was blocked and the whole city became dark at 1 in the afternoon. It was a magical/sweaty/grueling/awesome experience and I met so many amazing artists from all over the world. I painted this mural in about 4 and half days and used mostly spray paint with some rolled on latex paint for some of the larger color blocks. A huge shout out to KC artist Rif Raff Giraffe and his wonderful wife for putting together such an incredible event. And a couple more thank you's to Charlie Dorfman who owns the building, Ferguson Enterprises who are the business associated with the building and Art Primo Seattle for sponsoring my paint.